Are you adding the right 'keywords' to your copy?

Adding the right keywords to boost your on-page optimisation can lead your site from page 1 to page 10 of Google search if not done correctly. Here are few key practices you can apply today to ensure you’re coming up in SERP’s from your desired audience.

Keyword 'search' is the first process you should apply as you’ll need to obtain a good idea of what your potential customers are searching for. You can acquire these via offline keyword researching through brainstorming with your team, researching local marketing material and listening to your customers. More commonly, online keyword research is used by utilising such tools as Google Autocomplete, Google Keyword Search Planner, Google Trends, Keyword Tool Pro and SEMrush.

In Adwords - Keyword Planner, you can easily download your keyword selection. Once this has been created into an Excel or Numbers file it's a good idea to go through and highlight the keywords that rank high to medium or suite your niche and would easily fit into your copy (above).

Once you’ve discovered these, sporadically plant them naturally throughout the body of your copy on your web pages, blogs, page title tags and meta descriptions so that Google sees that your site is relevant and using to the specific topic that’s being searched for.

Tip 1- Long-tail keywords rank higher than single keywords as they are not searched for as much as single keywords. A good way to obtain ‘ideal’ long-tail keywords is to think about the questions that customers may be asking Google. For example, ‘how do I write copy to optimise my website’ can be shortened to ‘how to optimise my website’ or ‘writing copy for websites’ as a long-tail keyword search.

Tip 2. - If you use Google Autocomplete, be sure to clear your search history, cookies and cache. By doing this Google won't consider your previous searches when suggesting search terms and will provide you with fresh and relevant data.

Click here for more information on why keywords matter and more in depth views on some of the topics we've just touched on.

Stay tuned for our next article when we run you through the next procedure on ‘how and where to insert your keywords throughout your website and within your copy’.

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