a step by step guide to linkedin status updates

I still find it odd when discussing LinkedIn to colleagues and clients to hear; "I don’t use LinkedIn in because I’m not looking for a job at the moment". Looking for a job or not, it’s essential these days to keep your peers involved with your career and professional evolvement via Linkedin.

Not only do your status updates solidify your relationships with your peers, but your insights and involvement on the platform also provides recruiters with the professional insight that may persuade them to approach you for that lucrative job offer or that upgrade you've been waiting for.

To obtain trust and loyalty, your followers need to know who you are. You need people to engage and create awareness regularly. You can achieve this trust organically and do this at scale for free by deploying the guidelines mentioned:

  • Keep in mind when and after posting that the more engagements received on your post, the more successful the reach of the post will be. So, be sure to respond to all comments and engage where necessary as this activity is reported in each participants feed.

  • When creating your post, try not to use any more than 140 characters within the body of the text.

  • Ensure that you deploy 'strict' copywriting tactics, spelling and grammar.

  • Create hooks within your copy that grab people’s attention to ultimately encourage engagement and sharing. Great ways to do this is by asking a question, stating data and describing these results, creating a headline or hook and describing the points, creating relatable material, lessons learned, failures and how you’ve overcome them and always inject positive sentiment.

  • Keep your post thought provoking i.e: I just quit my job, rags to riches stories and success stories.

  • Create an 'Open-Ended Question' that plays to people’s curiosity and competitive nature.

  • Personal Posts: These will breakthrough all the business feeds, it's relatable and builds report and trust. Personal posts show character which is something recruiters look for when searching for a candidate that fits a particular business culture.

  • A Round-Up post: Ego stroke influencers by creating a post surrounding a post or interview of theirs and attaching them to it. The benefit of this that if they like or comment on it, their comment becomes part of their feed which then helps the performance of the post.

  • Giveaways: provide sort after industry information in exchange for an email address.

Happy posting and remember, if you'd like other helpful tips regarding LinkedIn or any other social media, please comment below or get in touch with us info@mdkmarketing.com.au

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