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  • digital strategy
  • Digital Integration
  • Social media marketing
  • brand development 

Directed at creative and arts  industries

117 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

now based in Melbourne!

Executive-level virtual
assistance specialising in: 

"From a digital marketing perspective, Ben is one of the best design artists I have come across with great attention to detail he is able to create a truly unique campaign for every client. His commitment and passion helped drive sales and increase brand awareness for all of his clients"

— Chimene Felfleh

Marketing & PR Coordinator - Christian Dior


Website development, social media content production and scheduling, sales/marketing funnels, ad re-targeting, brand design, SEO management and much more! 


One on one consultancy producing unique strategies surrounding your Brand, Digital Eco-System and Content. We delve deep into your brand and develop a unique strategy involving up to the minute traditional, digital and social media concepts.

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"i love helping brands become what they want to become. one way I help achieve this is by creating honest stories surrounding the brand that resonate and spread"

"I help spread the message for creatives that wish to extend their social and digital voice"

ben petterson - owner/MARKETER

mdk marketing 


need help with your digital or social marketing?  

We offer a 1 hour free initial consultations either over the phone, skype or zoom to ensure we are the right fit for your business. Just fill in your details and we'll be in touch to help very soon.